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Recent Updates to the BCV Asset Management Website

The Blue Chip Report for January 2014 was recently updated on the website. This edition contains an article by Tony Demarin, which discusses whether we are in the midst of a secular bull market or whether we are in an equity market bubble. It also contains an article by Todd Johnson that discusses the equity market forecasts that are made at the start of each new year and the efficacy of those forecasts. Finally, Ben Kelly has written an article discussing United Technologies Corporation, a long-held position that has been acquired for clients invested in a United States or Continental portfolio.

The Dividend Growth Story for the quarter ending December 31st 2013 has also been recently updated on the website. This is a quarterly publication that focuses on the companies in which we invest, highlighting the dividends paid by these companies, the dividends that have recently been increased, and the characteristics of the typical portfolios invested in these companies.

Todd Johnson appeared on BNN’s Business Day segment on December 30th, where he discussed the 200 million dollar investment made by Blackstone Group LP in Crocs Inc. and the outlook for private equity in 2014. He also provided comments on the top five performing stocks in the S&P/TSX Composite Index, but the comments were limited because none of these companies are typical companies in which BCV Asset Management would invest in on behalf of clients. The appearance concluded with comments on Canadian National Railway Company, a company that we have invested in on behalf of clients, which he expects to show continued but muted earnings growth in 2014.

Tony Demarin appeared on BNN’s Business Day segment on January 9th, where he discussed our market outlook for 2014 and overviewed some favoured companies for 2014. Our market outlook for 2014 is that the S&P/TSX Composite and S&P500 Indices should continue to rise in 2014, based on low interest rates, earnings and dividend growth from companies, strong corporate balance sheets and a generally favourable economic environment. He concluded the interview by commenting on four of our favoured companies- Manulife Financial Corporation, Bank of Nova Scotia, Honeywell International Inc. and United Technologies Corporation- that we expect to lead the portfolios that we have invested in on behalf of clients in 2014.

Tony Demarin appeared on BNN’s Business Day segment on February 14th in a segment entitled Top Tips for Dividend Investors. In this appearance he discussed six key features that we look for in companies in which we invest in on behalf our clients and provides examples of companies that display these features.

The Blue Chip Report, Dividend Growth Story and the BNN appearances can be viewed by clicking the links within each of the paragraphs.