Business Day AM- February 28th 2019

Not bearish on Canada's banks yet but credit turning a corner: BCV Asset

Todd Johnson, portfolio manager at BCV Asset Management, joins BNN Bloomberg's Catherine Murray for a look at what's been driving Canadian banks' to slowdown with Q1 earnings and shares his outlook for the banks.

Business Day AM- February 20th 2019

No reason why markets can't go higher if trade tensions cool: Money manager

Todd Johnson, portfolio manager at BCV Asset Management, joins BNN Bloomberg to discuss the TSX strong gains of the day and share his Canadian market outlook. Johnson mentions financials, insurance and industrials as preferred sectors.

Business Day AM- August 10th 2017

Growth in Asia Lift Lifeco Earnings

Sun Life and Manulife both reported better-than-expected earnings on the back of strong growth in operations in Asia. We have shareholder commentary from Todd Johnson, Portfolio Manager at BCV Asset Management. He also comments on whether Manulife should sell or spin-off its John Hancock unit in the U.S.

Business Day AM- March 13th 2017

In two years, this won't be an issue: Shareholder on TD allegations

TD Bank shares are trading higher following a nose-bleed session on Friday that came on the heels of a CBC report alleging unethical practices at the bank. BCV portfolio manager Todd Johnson, which owns TD shares, says this could present a buying opportunity and tells The Business News why thinks this issue will be forgotten in the next couple of years.

Business Day AM- November 28th 2016

Canadian Bank Earnings Preview

Canada's big banks begin reporting quarterly results Tuesday. The group has been climbing higher, but can the earnings picture justify further gains? Tony Demarin, president and chief investment officer, BCV Asset Management tells us what to expect.

Business Day AM- September 20th 2016

When to Sell Dividend Stocks: Three Names

The chase for yield has pushed valuations in some dividend-paying stocks too high according to Tony Demarin, President and Chief Investment Officer, BCV Asset Management.

As a result he has sold his entire position in Fortis and Coca-Cola, and half his firm's position in BCE. Demarin explains his strategy in making the move.

Business Day AM- May 24th 2016

The Punch from Energy: Bank Earnings Preview

The focus will be on money set aside to cover bad loans in the energy patch and Tony Demarin at BCV Asset Management says investors should not be too concerned about what Canadian banks will report in their quarterly results.

He says overall earnings will be flat with perhaps 1 to 2 per cent growth but the banks are very diversified and he sees nothing in the pipeline that would cause BCV -- which has been long-term bank shareholders -- any undue stress. Demarin also expects several of the banks to raise their dividends.

Business Day AM- February 29th 2016

Forecasting Canadian Outperformance

Lower valuation levels and higher yields equal outperformance by the Canadian equity market this year.

That's the forecast from Tony Demarin, President and Chief Investment Officer, BCV Asset Management. He says Bay Street should beat Wall Street to end a 5-year streak of underperformance.

Business Day AM- January 27th 2016

Why CN Rail is your Best Bet when Investing in the Rails

BCV Asset Management Portfolio Manager Todd Johnson joins BNN to discuss the resignation of CP board director Paul Hilal and why he prefers CN Rail when investing in the railways.

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